Our Services

Skip Bin Rental


We boast the largest number of skip bins in Port Moresby and have a variety of sizes to suit your needs and budget. Our skip bin sizes range from 4m³ up to 9m³. We currently have over 150 Skip Bins in service in Port Moresby.

Residential and Commercial Waste Collection


At PNG Environmental Services we understand that sometimes the local authority has limitations on its resources and we assist here providing waste collection services to residential areas and business houses that have a need for their wastes to be collected immediately or doing a clean-up.

• Moving house • Renovations • Old furniture and appliances • Household cleaning • Garden waste • Metal• Timber • Plastic• Used tyres

Waste Incineration


We offered this service as an alternate to landfill. Incinerating wastes has become important in helping to deal with the amount of rubbish generated. Not only is it incinerating cleaner (kills germs and bacteria) but it reduces the volume of wastes to as little as 10% of its original volume (reliefs the burden on landfills

The emissions from it are filtered and safe from the environment.

Pest Control & Fumigation


 The company has been providing premium pest control and container fumigation services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in greater Port Moresby.

We provide our clients with modern industry standards and practices, consultation services, to ensure they feel secure and the environment is protected by a specialist.

At PNG Environmental Services, we believe in meeting expectations by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility flow and greater value thus improving operational efficiency. This assists us to build trust in our working relationships with our clients and results in a long beneficial partnership.

Service Technicians from PNG Environmental Services combine extensive training with the latest technologies to address a variety of pest control and container fumigation concerns while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns.  

Waste Oil Management


Through our partners we collect and recycle used oil and keep it out away from harming the environment when disposed. The waste oil is recycled. In this way we are also helping to sustain this valuable resource. 

If your business generates even a small amount of used oil as waste, then you will know how hard it can be to store and transport, as well as safely and correctly dispose off this by-product. Thankfully, here at PNG Environmental Services we have a team of skilled staff and all the equipment needed to safely and efficiently manage your used oil disposal needs. Whether it’s a one off job, or your business generates a steady stream of used oil and requires a frequent service schedule, our team of Waste Management Experts are here to help you find a solution that fits perfectly within the unique needs of your business.

Our waste oil removal service caters for all types of waste oil. In the mechanical and industrial sector we collect used engine oil, oily water, used hydraulic oil and sump oil, and whereas in the hospitality sector we collect used cooking /kitchen oil and service grease traps.

Hazardous Waste Management


We are currently securing a permit of the transboundary movement of wastes for the treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes through our partners in Australia. We anticipate this exciting new development to be in full operation within 6 months. This can only benefit the environment and we urge all stakeholders to contact us to assist you with your hazardous waste disposal.

Industrial and Construction & Demolition Debris


Modern construction practices have become sustainable so we are very happy to partner with construction projects and their unique and environmentally conscious waste management needs. We can tailor a waste management plan to match you company values that won’t blow your budget.

Organic Waste Composting


Composting is Mother Nature’s way of recycling. At PNG Environmental Services we turn food waste, manure, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood, feathers, crop residue etc., into a valuable organic fertilizer. 

We believe composting can play a significant role in diverting waste from landfills thereby conserving landfill space and reducing the production of leachate and methane gas. In addition, an effective composting program can produce a high quality soil amendment with a variety of end uses.

Recycling Service


Recycling is a relatively new concept in PNG and we are working to raise education and awareness on this. We are implementing our recycling program within our organisation and are offering this service to our clients.  


We see recycling as an integral part of our services as it can significantly reduce the impact on the landfill and environment and also reduce waste management costs.

We have started recycling collection on some of our major projects and are working with our partners to recycle plastics, cardboards and metals at the appropriate recycling facility.